Stories from Greenland

Stories from Greenland

Stories from Greenland

GREENLAND is the place where vast oceans, tantalizing skies, solid granite and pointy icebergs meet.  As a result the colors and textures seem out of this world and creates truly astonishing and breathtaking views. 

We have been extremely fortunate to have two of our ambassadors (@rasmusbulowduus and @andersogadeberg) visiting, living in and exploring these amazing landscapes – testing and putting our Baseline Collection to demanding use in their adventures.

“Greenland, a place I always wanted to visit! The bags were packed and 3 weeks of travel and exploring the beautiful nature and wildlife around were about to start! We arrived in Kangerlussuaq late in the evening and began our journey around the west coast the next morning. Ilulissat Icefiord was our first stop – a place where solid granite and icebergs meet” – Rasmus Bülow Duus

“After the first week of traveling along the west coast we got the chance to visit some newborn Greenlandic She Dogs, or as they are called in Greenland, Kalaallit Qimmiat. These small creatures will over time turn into some of the strongest and most intelligent dogs in arctic conditions, which you should have a huge respect for. An absolutely amazing experience” – Rasmus Bülow Duus

Living in balance with the elements, nature and wildlife has always been and integral part of Greenlands people and history. Understanding that nature creates the profound conditions and we, as humans, need to adapt and adjust to these conditions serves as an important lifelong learning for us ‘city folks’.

Anders Okholm Gadeberg enjoying a well-earned break and a cosy moment with a grown Kalaallit Qimmiat.

A few more pictures from Anders’ and Rasmus’ adventures on the west coast.


“Greenland is a truly amazing place to visit for both its people, culture and nature. If you ever find your path leading you there I am sure you will not be disappointed.” – Rasmus Bülow Duus