Introducing: The Quest

Introducing: The Quest

Introducing: The Quest

Taking action on your dreams

We hope that by wearing our products in your everyday life, your adventure gets just a little bit closer and your dreams slightly more attainable.

That’s what The Quest is about.

So if you're planning to do something you think is worth sharing and feel like getting your hand on some of our clothing, you can apply to The Quest every month and we pick one winner. The winner gets a package with some nice Searching for lines gear for their quest.

How it works:
► You apply by describing your quest (your imagination is the only limit here!☄️). Attach some example of you being able to take decent (or great) pictures. Video is a welcomed bonus. We put more emphasis on epic adventures than on photo/video skills.

► We pick the winner and send you a package with some cool Searching for lines stuff for your quest (which you can keep for all eternity, obviously).

► You do your thing and make sure to document it visually.

► Afterwards, our editorial team have a little chat with you and make a small article for

Apply for being The Quest in November by clicking here 🔗

Deadline for applications: November 27th.
We can't wait to see what you come up with this month!