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Not long ago long distances made most of the world inaccessible and exotic. Places like Nepal, Patagonia or the Indian Himalayas were so far away, both physically and mentally, that the mere names, like ‘Gokyo’ or ‘Patagonia’, would spark a sense of adventure. Reaching these places and conquering the highest peaks were the ultimate goal of human aspiration. Today calls for a redefinition of the discovery of nature and places. Not only does climate change command that we change the way we live and travel, but nature desperately calls for a more gentle approach.

Searching for lines® was born from this simple vision and idea - there is no end-goal in nature, but only a heightened sense of awareness and interaction with existing elements. The most interesting places to visit are no longer places far away but perhaps lines, which could easily be on a boulder in your backyard or at a break at your local beach. Perhaps the most unexplored places in the world are those just around the corner. Now is the time to start searching and understanding nature and places on a deeper level.

Searching for lines is our place to tell untold stories about a new way to interact and discover. Stories about local climbers, surfers, hikers, skiers, fishermen, skaters, architects alike, who share a vision and explore nature and places in their close vicinity. This is how we believe we could sustainably interact, rediscover and explore nature and places gently and to the fullest.

We are climbers, and for many years now our passion has been with Nature Climbing® - designing and creating innovative, honest and sustainable climbing equipment and natural climbing holds, pushing the agenda and boundary of sustainability and honest craftsmanship and natural materials in the climbing industry; born from the passion to create products we would use ourselves every day. Then came a small group of local followers, a larger one, and now we see Nature Climbing grow and resonate with conscious climbers all over the world.

Searching for lines clothing and gear is based on the same ideals and passion for a more simple and sustainable approach. Today clothing and gear changes all the time and companies want you to buy clothes for every possible occasion to be considered ‘smart’ and ‘technical’. It shouldn’t be like that. Not only is it unsustainable to own a separate set of clothes for every occasion, but it also makes no sense to hide who you are. With Searching for lines we want to create the exact opposite. Clothing with a selection of key functionalities and hidden details, state-of-the-art materials and everything else stripped down to the bare essentials of materials and craftsmanship. We want to create extraordinary non-fashion basic clothing of the highest quality that age with beauty. Clothing you would ware 90% of the time instead of the other way around.

Searching for lines since 2018
Mads & Christian